New Leadership for Hamilton!

Together we will work to bring real leadership, integrity, and accountability back to Hamilton by putting service before self.

Who We Are

Jeff Martin for Hamilton Mayor

Jeff Martin is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, grew up in a working-class household, and serves on the Hamilton Township Council. On council, he's fought for public safety, for the firefighters and police officers who keep us safe, and for more transparency and fiscal accountability with our tax dollars. As mayor, he will cut wasteful spending, hold the line on taxes, and focus on quality of life and making sure Hamilton's seniors and working families get to enjoy in the town's growth and success. Jeff and his wife Scarlett live in the Golden Crest section of Hamilton.

Pasquale “Pat” Papero for Hamilton Council

Pasquale “Pat” Papero is a graduate of Hamilton High West, Mercer County Community College and earned a BA from Rowan University. Since 2001, Pat has served as a Mercer County Sheriff’s Officer where he is a K-9 Unit Trainer and a certified instructor through the Police Training Commission. Since 2008 Pat has represented PBA Local 187 as their local delegate. More recently, Pat was appointed by the Governor to the Public Employees Relations Commission. He is very active with many community organizations including serving as a Coach and Executive Board member for the Hamilton Little Lads Baseball League. Pat and his wife Stacy have 2 children and live in the Yardville section of Hamilton.

Nancy Phillips for Hamilton Council

Nancy Phillips is a graduate of William Paterson University with Honors and a BA in Communications. She received her teaching certificate for Elementary Education at New Jersey City University. For over 15 years Nancy has been a sixth-grade public school teacher. As a mother of a child with special medical needs, she has also been an avid grassroots organizer and advocate with the American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders, working with members of the legislature to effect change for her daughter and others like her. Nancy is married with two daughters in the Hamilton School system. She is an active member of the Morgan and Reynolds School PTA’s.

What We Stand For

Putting Public Safety First

A veteran himself, Jeff Martin respects and supports our Township's first responders. After being elected by you to Council, Jeff worked to empower our firefighters to collectively bargain for safer working conditions, he voted and pushed to put more police on the streets and invested in critical life-saving equipment. Working together we can count on Jeff, Pat and Nancy to continue the fight for a more efficient fire department that would protect our taxpayers while ensuring that no fire houses would close.

Protecting Our Seniors

Jeff Martin knows Hamilton needs to protect our seniors living on a fixed income. On Council, he fought to restore permit fee waivers for all seniors on their critical home maintenance projects, passed an ordinance to establish a Senior Citizen's Advisory Commission for all seniors in Hamilton and will authorized the purchase of a new van to ensure that seniors have access to essential transportation for medical appointments and everyday needs. Jeff, Pat and Nancy know as our senior community continues to grow, we need new leaders who are prepared to provide them the services they need.

Ensure Safe, High-Quality Drinking Water

Jeff Martin has been a longtime leader and advocate fighting to ensure safe, high-quality drinking water for all Hamilton residents. As your elected leader on Council, Jeff has worked across the aisle and with the state government to hold Trenton Water Works accountable for its unacceptable safety record. Jeff led the charge to reduce the cost of replacing lead pipes to resident’s homes, so they and their families have safe drinking water. As Mayor, Jeff will stand up for the safety of our families.

Real Fiscal Responsibility

As Mayor, Jeff Martin will restore balance and fiscal responsibility for the residents and taxpayers of Hamilton. Since being elected to Council, Jeff Martin has a proven record of slashing taxes, cutting wasteful spending, and for the first time in recent history, decreasing the Township's debt. Jeff, Pat and Nancy know we need real leaders who will watch every penny to ensure you get the best services at the best price.

Smart Economic Re-Development

Jeff Martin will work with our small local businesses and focus on local economy to bring good-paying, local jobs to Hamilton, re-developing blighted and abandoned properties, and increasing quality of life for every neighborhood in Hamilton. Jeff’s leadership on Council created Hamilton’s first ever Opportunity Zone to attract businesses to invest money in Hamilton.

This election represents a chance to change Hamilton’s direction to put it back on a path to prosperity and with your support we will bring that change!